Contract/Buyer Wanted for Lodi Appellation Chardonnay


Grower: Hoffman Vineyards, Lodi California

Vineyard planted: 1998

Rootstock: Own root

Total acres: Five

Asking price: $650 per ton or district average, plus shipping

This Chardonnay vineyard is growing eighty miles east of the San Francisco Bay in a vineyard bordering the Mokelumne River. The climate is sunny and warm during the day, with cool night temperatures that dip into the fifties. The soil, rich Columbia sandy loam, is deep and well draining. The warm days and cool nights, coupled with the proximity of the nearby river, result in the production of winegrapes that are lucious, fragrant, and bursting with varietal character.

The five acre vineayrd was recently planted in 1998. The spacing is 7 feet by 11 feet. To date, the vines have been trained up the stake. In the spring of 2001, a five wire trellissing system will be installed. Rows run east and west to take advantage of prevailing winds.

Photo taken July 28, 2000

Total production in 2001 is estimated to be approximately 10 tons, and should double that the following year. Thereafter, production should climb to anywhere between five to seven tons per acre, or a total of 25 to 35 tons.

Photo taken July 28, 2000

The growers, Tom and Robert Hoffman, are interested in a long term contract with a winery in the US or Canada. They are expierenced in their trade and more than willing to cooperated with the special needs of the buyer. Professional references are available by calling either Marilyn Wolfe at Robert Mondavi Woodbridge (209) 369-5522, or Gordon Wagenmann at E&J Gallo (209) 369-1207. Both of these field representatives are very familiar with the Hoffmans' dedication and ability.

Any buyer interested in should contact Tom Hoffman by telephone at (209) 369-8578, or email him at