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To order, print this page, complete the form and mail to: WithanE Designs, 1102 Welcome Ave. N, Golden Valley, MN 55422. Orders over $50 must include 50% of total bill. The remainder, including sales tax and shipping charges, will be billed upon delivery.

All glass is variable and may include iridized, colored, baroque and/or confetti glass. You may specify a type of glass or general color scheme (green, blue, red, pink, etc.) in the Glass/Colors column below, and I will make every effort to honor your request. Please be as specific as possible (light blue, cobalt blue, turquoise blue, etc.) if this is important to you.

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House Shaped Feeder: Wedge/Curve   $50.00    
Gazebo Feeder   $80.00    
Bird House: Chickadee/Wren   $50.00    
Large Fly-Through Feeder   $90.00    
Small Fly-Through Feeder   $60.00    
Oriole Feeder   $45.00    
Decorative Bird House: Wren/Chickadee/Bluebird   $50.00    
Bevel Glass Boxes   $40.00    
Total amount of order: $
Total enclosed: $

Functional garden art. For you. For a gift. For the birds.

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