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Nest Box Construction Guides

Bio-Diversity's construction guides are designed for the handyman/nature enthusiast who is interested in building nest boxes to increase populations of beneficial wildlife species. These illustrated and informative brochures will get you started reaping the benefits these animals bring as they eliminate rodent pests on your farm, golf course, park or back yard.

Each one page brochure includes background information on each species, cutting diagrams, parts lists, tools needed, step by step instructions and recommendations on where to best locate your nest box. The prices shown include taxes, shipping and handling. Order by mail. Please include payment with your order.

Building Barn Owl Nest Boxes for a Vineyard.............$7.50 each

Building Kestrel Nest Boxes .........................................$7.50 each

Print this page as your order form and mail it along with your payment to:
Bio-Diversity Products
10112 East Woodbridge Road
Acampo, CA 95220-9752

For a complete catalog of nest boxes and bat houses built by
Bio-Diversity Products call (209)369-8578 or e-mail us at .

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