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  1. Using Barn Owls for Rodent Control. A comprehensive article that includes information about the life cycle of the barn owl, tips on constructing and locating a barn owl houses or nest boxes, suggestions on placing boxes per acre and more.

  2. Recent Newsletter by Bio-Diversity Products Our latest newsletter has an important article about hantavirus and nestbox cleaning. Also, find out how one Sonoma CA vineyard deals with great horned owls. As well, there is an article about how to find the balance between your gopher and barn owl populations.

  3. Recent Research by the University of California Cooperative Extension Service This article is a summary of work conducted in 1996 and reported in a 1998 article titled, "Prey Selection by Barn Owls Using Artificial Nest Boxes."

  4. Frequently Asked Questions about attracting barn owls for rodent control.

  5. Bio-Diversity Products Catalog Peruse our complete line of barn owl houses and other nest boxes for kestrels, bats, songbirds and more. Order by email, telephone or postal service. Discounts available for large orders.

  6. Nest Box Designs This section has two easy-to-make, but functional, designs for barn owl houses you can copy, plus there are links to several Internet sites that also have plans.

  7. Raptor Rehabilitation Have you found an injured or orphaned barn owl and are wondering what to do? This series of articles will give you tips on how to catch it, transport it and where to take it. Thinking about rehabilitating it yourself? Read this first.

  8. Attracting Raptors with Perches Attract hawks, kites, and other raptors to your fields with perches. Here are two easy-to-build designs.

  9. Construction Brochures Bio-Diversity Products also has inexpensive plans for barn owl and kestrel nest boxes that come with cut-out diagrams, parts list, tools needed, step by step instructions and recommendations for locating the finished nest boxes.

  10. Related links Visit this growing collection of owl related links. Also see here are links that pertain to Lodi, California.

  11. Gift Ideas Interested in attractive ideas for a gift? WithanE Designs makes beautiful stained glass bird houses and feeders. These are the perfect gift for any backyard birder or wildlife enthusiast.

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