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"Natural pest control through beneficial wildlife habitat restoration"

At Bio-Diversity Products, we provide nest boxes for all forms of wildlife, be it beneficial or simply beautiful. However, being farmers ourselves, we have a special focus on agriculture.

For the environmentally conscious farmer, we offer a natural method for controlling rodents, birds and some species of flying insects. This method encourages the presence of natural predators by restoring the once abundant nesting sites found throughout our countryside decades ago. Over time, and with proper placement of the nest boxes, the populations of these beneficials will expand. The grower will realize that, while the battle with pests is not completely won, his allies have at least reduced the pressure.

A word about quality... We take great pride in the quality of our nest boxes. All of our products are made by skilled hands with glue, screws and nails from the best materials available. You, the customer, and they, the critters are important to us. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed, or your money will be returned.

To take the first step in putting nature back to work for you, choose the right nesting boxes to attract the beneficials you need in your battle against pest.

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