Common Nest Box Designs

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The two box designs here can be found in several websites related to barn owls. They are collected here for convenience. As well, several sites with other barn owl nest box plans are listed below.

The box design shown below has been across the United States for many years. While being somewhat on the snug side, it is readily accepted by owls. This box may be easily attached to a pole or the side of a building.

The arrangment show below illustrates how a nest box can be hung in the interior of a building with outside access for the birds. This is approach is particulary useful if the presence of the owls is not wanted inside the barn.


Don't like either of these? Check out the Barn Owl nest box plans on's How To Build Birdhouses , a very comprehensive guide to building nest boxes for many avian species.

Another good set of plans for a simple, but effective, box can be found at Make a Barn Owl Nest Box. This site is published by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

My friend, Vergil Kentner's booklet, How to Build Nest Boxes From Off-the-Shelf Materials , illustrates several creative ways to build boxes for barn owls from drums and cat litter boxes, as well as the two ways pictured above.

Nesting Box Plans from the North Carolina Extension Service has dimensions and a cut-out plan for a nest box design that should attract barn ,screech and barred owls.

Don't forget to take a look at Bio-Diversity's Construction Guides for both barn owls and kestrels. Okay, so they cost a couple of bucks, but they are very complete. You get suggestions for location, parts lists, equipment needed, cutting plans and step by step instructions. Now that has to be worth something, doesn't it?

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